1-year primary analysis in patients with R/R DLBCL (N=71) showed high ORR1*

Twice as many patients experienced a best response of CR.

L-MIND 1-year response rates graph. Primary analysis in patients with R/R DLBCL (N=71). 37% CR; 18% PR; 55% best ORR (n=39; 95% CI: 43%, 67%).

Median time to response3

In the L-MIND study (N=71), the median time to response was 2.0 months3

The time-to-response analysis is exploratory in nature. These results should be interpreted with caution due to single-arm studies not adequately characterizing time-to-event endpoints, and the small sample size, which may lead to estimates that are unstable.

Median duration of response1*

Median DoR 21.7 months (range: 0, 24)

*Assessed by an Independent Review Committee.1

Kaplan-Meier estimates.1

The cutoff date for the primary analysis was November 30, 2018, and occurred after the last patient enrolled had completed 12 months of follow-up.4